Course Details

Agribusiness Management Development Programme (ABMDP), a unique certificate course for Prospective CEOs of FPOs for the duration of 50 days. The Programme is focused on the development of managerial skills among the candidate and help them to recruit as a CEO of FPOs across Telangana state. The programme is supported by NABARD.

Objective of the Program

To orient ABM perspectives and entrepreneurial competencies to prospective CEOs for FPOs and recommend the trained CEOs for FPOs across the state of Telangana.

Benefit of the Course

Candidate undergoing the Certificate Course for CEOs of FPOs will learn about Principles of General Management, market, business aspects, management of FPOs, legal provisions of FPOs, business Plan, project appraisal, accounts and finance. With knowledge and skills acquired from this course, a candidate can look for career opportunity in Farmer Producer organizations operating successfully across the country. The exposure to different dimensions of FPOs through this course will help in getting good avenues in this field. One can also pursue this course while working in the Farmer Producer Companies. During the courses, candidate will get an opportunity to intact with Agribusiness industries, successful FPOs, and it will help in the preparation of future business strategies.