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Yes, a-IDEA typically organizes networking events where stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and partners can connect, share insights, and explore collaboration opportunities within the agricultural innovation ecosystem.

External organizations can partner with a-IDEA by expressing interest, exploring collaboration opportunities, and formalizing agreements. They can contribute expertise, resources, and support to foster innovation in the agricultural sector.

a-IDEA is an agricultural Technology Business Incubator (TBI) hosted by ICAR-NAARM in Hyderabad, India. It supports startups in agriculture and allied sectors through incubation, mentorship, and capacity building, aiming to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the field.

To be eligible for incubation at a-IDEA, startups typically need:

    • An innovative idea, especially in agriculture.
    • Legal entity registration.
    • Relevant team skills and commitment.
    • Market potential and scalability.
    • Alignment with a-IDEA's focus areas.
    • Commitment to program participation.
    • Viable financial model.
    • Potential for social or environmental impact.

The space allocated for each startup at a-IDEA may vary based on specific needs and availability. It is advisable to contact us for precise details on the allocated space for startups in their incubation program.


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