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Ideation event is a more organized and structured event to identify creative ideas on agriculture from the students. This event is held once in a year at a national level. We have launched ideation event in agriculture with the name of the event as “Krishi Kalp”. This Krishikalp acts as a platform to attract the innovative technology and business based ideas from the students representing agriculture colleges and management institutions. Krisikalp has paved the way for creative ideas in agriculture and the students who have been judged as innovative ideas were provided with a token cash prize. Further, we are encouraging these students to see if in the later part of their career they would like to take up their innovative idea to an enterprise. The prime objective of this program is to pool up best innovative idea pool to take up their startups.

Through the sensitization workshops and ideation events as mentioned above, we have pooled nearly 100 ideas in agriculture from the students. Although students participated these events in the spirit of competition, we are trying to inspire students to take up entrepreneurship as a career avenue with the support from our institution.