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The incubation program at a-IDEA is an ongoing program to support early stage agriculture startups. The startups who are keen to get incubation support from a-IDEA need to fill up incubation template available in our website and submit it to us for further evaluation of incubation proposal with our experts. Post review of the incubation proposal, the prospective incubatees arrive at an MOU with the incubator and they are provided with the incubation support facilities and services based on the requirement of the startup.

Incubation program nurtures and provides supportive environment for entrepreneurs during the initial and critical stages of starting up a new business. Incubation program helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses, streamline their operations and become independent.

The objective of incubation is to support Startup Entrepreneurs on various aspects including infrastructure, office & on-farm testing facilities, linkages for technologies & upscaling, mentoring & guidance and access to networking and pitching events.The incubation period is usually for one and half year and subject to extension in special cases, post which the startups are graduated and they set up their business out of the incubator premises suiting its market requirements.The objective of the incubator is to support the consecutive batch of the startups in the facilities to keep and ongoing support to the agricultural startups after every batch of the startups supported.