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Akshat Medakker is engaged in encouraging entrepreneurship, mentoring start-ups, and facilitating capital investments at SAATRA Capital. He has over 15 years’ experience in entrepreneurship development, technology transfer and licensing. As a life science specialist, he has been instrumental in identifying, unlocking and mobilizing valuable technologies from around the world for access by the private sector in countries with emerging economies as well as for public good in the South Asian, South East Asian and African regions.

He has worked extensively with Indian private sector involved in the areas of agriculture, agribusiness and healthcare for strategy development involving research prioritization, technology acquisition and business expansion.

Akshat has created and led several large and complex public–private partnership projects in South Asia and Africa. He has managed large grant (> $ 30 M) projects that are funded by development agencies such as USAID, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and also the World Bank. He has a flair for technology management and bringing innovations to market. His passion includes working with new entrepreneurs, commercialization of research results for economic development, facilitating access of path breaking technologies for better agriculture and seed system development, reforming education, working with small farmers for food security and sustainable livelihood creation. He also works in the area of cultural development and gender empowerment to mitigate discrimination and support equality.

Akshat has a tertiary degree in life sciences from Australia and is a founding member and Fellow of India’s foremost association for Technology Management called STEM and plays an active role in capacity building for technology transfer in the region. He is also an ardent reader, animal lover and believes in environmental conservation.