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Ramachandra Murthy Pulumati is an Agribusiness professional with a thorough understanding of the complex socio-economic, political, cultural and environmental aspects of Agriculture and Agni Businesses in India and other major agrarian economies across the world.He founded the Interface Agricultural Technologies Private Ltd – a management consulting and skill development enterprise for Agri-Businesses in the year 2006 and has been leading this Business as CEO since inception. INTERFACE is actively engaged in Skill Development, Farmer Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development in the Agriculture and Agribusiness industry.Prior to founding Interface, he served a broad range of agri businesses that include Crop Protection Products, Seeds (conventional and biotech), Nutrition, Specialty Fertilizers, Micro-Irrigation and International Trade, for a period spanning three decades, in various capacities. His contribution to the growth of the crop protection products industry in India is widely recognized. He has worked for and with major multinational and large Indian companies in this sector. During his long career as a marketing professional, he has travelled extensively within and outside India and has strong professional relationships with opinion makers in the agribusiness sector.

He helped Dow Agro Sciences in India to implement the company’s global market strategies and in building strong brands. He initiated and led major domestic and international business operations for Nagarjuna Agrichem and contributed to Nagarjuna’s success by identifying growth opportunities through the creation of sustainable and long-term relationships at the country, company and customer levels.He has pioneered the development of an effective platform for the crop protection industry to collaborate amongst themselves as well as with the larger agricultural inputs industry, various social organizations, NGOs as well as government and media.

He continues to serve as a trusted spokesperson for Indian and international stakeholders of agribusiness. He and his associates at Interface Agricultural Technologies are agribusiness experts with a proven track record of facilitating accelerated success of their client businesses.In recent years, Ramachandra Murthy Pulumati has successfully led a large and long term Stewardship Project in India that involved training through local partnerships by managing and mentoring local NGOs for Crop Life International, Belgium. This was a first of its kind and a model project for agricultural training in rural farming communities in India and has received global attention for its success.