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Mr. Gaurav Gupta

Project Manager

Mr. Gaurav Gupta is working in BioNEST, the bio incubator of a-IDEA, NAARM as Project Manager and taking care of Bio Nest Incubator management, Incubator operations, startup scouting, operational support to incubatees and incubator team, assistance in Business Development of the Incubator, BIRAC-Biotechnology Ignition Grant Scheme (BIG) program overall management including program management, scouting and shortlisting of startups,
mentoring and support to BIG grantee startups.


Worked as Project Research Assistant on the Project Entitled “Mental Health and Population Genomics: Whole Exome Sequencing of Suicide Attempters with and without Depression in a High-Risk Small Tribal Population of Arunachal Pradesh” at Department of Genetics, Osmania University, Hyderabad from 29th June 2017 till 31st July 2019.
• Deputed as Scientific Officer as Forensic Expert at Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire), Abidjan (West Africa) for the establishment of the Country’s First Molecular Biological Laboratory Facility and providing hands-on training to the Scientists on Forensics and other Molecular Techniques from 12th December 2018 till 4th March 2019.
• Worked as Junior Research Fellow (JRF) in a project entitled “Malnutrition on cognitive development of Tribal children of Eastern Uttar Pradesh with special reference to psychosomatic constitution” at the Genome Foundation, Hyderabad from 20th September 2015 to 28th June 2017.


• Completed a project on the topic entitled “Beta Thalassemia Disease Burden and Mutation Micro-Profiling in Populations of Telangana” as Co-Principal Investigator, Sponsored by Telangana State Science and Technology Department Under Assistance for Development of State S&T Councils Programme of DST (GOI).


➢ 20th July to 18th September 2015 (60 Days) Worked as a guest worker in Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad under the supervision of Dr. Niraj Rai in the group of Dr. K. Thangaraj to complete the work on aDNA (ancient DNA) on evolutionary biology which was started during dissertation work which includes the DNA isolation from 200 years old tooth samples followed by their Haplogrouping of the data generated by SEQUENOM.
➢ 20th January to 18th July 2015 (180 Days i.e. 6 Months) Dissertation at Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad on a project entitled “Genetic Analysis of North Himalayan population: evidence of admixture with Tibetans”.
➢ 1st July to 30th December 2014 (180 Days i.e. 6 Months) Internal Project at Invertis University, Bareilly, U.P. on the topic entitled “Phytochemical tests and screening of some traditional medicinal plants for their antimicrobial properties”.
➢ 15th January to 15th May 2014 (120 days i.e. 4 Months) engaged in an internal research project on “Estimation of Bacterial Species in Soil” under the Supervision of Dr. Shashank Upadhaya, Assist. Professor, Invertis University, Bareilly.
➢ June 15th to July 14th, 2014 (30 days) training in the R&D department of RADICO KHAITAN, Rampur (INDIA).
➢ June 15th to July 14th, 2013 (30 days) training on recombinant DNA technology (RTD) from MRD life sciences, Lucknow (INDIA).



➢ Molecular Biology: DNA processing from various specimens, Electrophoresis, PCR with various modifications, Sanger Sequencing, Fragment Analysis, Snapshot Genotyping, MLPA Procedures.
➢ Forensic Science: DNA Fingerprinting, Species Identification, Wildlife forensics, etc.
➢ Evolutionary Biology: Data Generation using Mitochondrial or Y- Chromosome specific markers, Haplogrouping, determination of variations among populations and their identification based on those variations.
➢ Ancient DNA Techniques: Working in aDNA laboratory, aseptic techniques, Sample Processing, DNA isolation From Bone, Hair, Purification, Quantification, Amplification, Analysis, and Other Tools. Protein isolation from Ancient Samples etc.
➢ Cell Culture: Aseptic procedures, mammalian cell culture, cell line maintenance, cell harvesting, cell fixation.
➢ Micro Biology: Media Preparation & Culturing of Microbes, Culture of Microbes through Streaking, 16S Identification of bacterial species, Antibiotics Sensitivity Test, Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) Test, Fermentation & Downstream Processing.
➢ Biochemical Techniques & Proteomics: Buffer Preparation, Protocols standardization, SDS-PAGE, etc.



➢ Advanced Equipment: ABI 3500 & 3130 DNA Analyzer (ABI), ION Torrent Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), Microarray iScan Illumina, 6495C Triple Quadrupole LC/MS spectrometry, Thermal Cycler-96 Wells (ABS), Gradient-PCR, Gel Doc System, Semi-Automatic Microscope(100X), Inverted Microscope (40X), UV- Visible Spectrophotometer, Qubit 3.0, NanoDrop 2000, High speed centrifuge.
➢ Basic Equipment’s: Digital pH Meter, Electrophoretic Apparatus- SDS PAGE, Agarose Gel, BOD Incubator, Auto-clave, Distillation Unit, Digital Weighing Balance, Compound Microscope, Centrifuges from 4000 RPM to 14000 RPM, UV Transilluminator, Micro-pipettes (Analog and Electronic).
➢ Bioinformatics: Data Mining using various Databases like NCBI, ENSEMBLE, KEGG, UCSC, Primer Designing, Sequence alignment using Clustal X & W, Data analysis using Sequencing analysis software, Auto assembler, DNASTAR Lasergene, Data Representation using SPSS, Surfer, Arlequin, Fluxus Network Software, Microarray data analysis, Metabolome Data Analysis, NGS Data analysis (Currently learning using BWA).


➢ Replication of Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) susceptibility loci in a suicide risk historical isolated small population (in Communication).
➢ Skin Pigmentation Diversity in Central East Indian Populations and its Correlation with Mitochondrial Haplogroups. J Genet Genomic Sci 1: 005 J Genet Genomic SciI SSN: HGGS, Open Access Journal
➢ Review: Tribal population of Ladakh and roots of their origin. Published in International Journal of technological advancement and research, ISSN: 2249- 8141 (Print).

INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL CONFERENCES (Participation & Poster Presentation)

➢ Gupta G* et. al, International Conference on Integrative Biology and Applied Genetics, presented an oral presentation on the topic entitled “Genetics of Depression and Suicide among Idu-Mishmi a tribe in Arunachal Pradesh” ICIBAG, 2018 from 15th to 17th March 2018.
➢ Gupta G* et. al, The Indian Society of Human Genetics, ISHG 2018, presented a poster on the topic entitled “Beta-Thalassemia is widespread in Telangana Population with distinctive mutation profile” Organized in CCMB, Hyderabad on 9th to 10th March 2018.
➢ Potential Utility of Next-Generation sequencing in current day clinical practice of the diagnosis, management, and counseling” Participated in an International Conference on “Genetic and Molecular Diagnosis in Modern Medicine” GMDMM 2016, Organized by Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences on 17th and 18th December 2016.
➢ Gupta G*, “Some of the Novel Genetic Disorders from Rural India”. 3rd International conference on new frontiers in Biotechnology Science, Health and Medicine, GenoPro 2016 on 23rd to 24th September 2016.
Functional Genomics & Proteomics September 27 -28, 2014 (Saturday & Sunday). Invertis University, Bareilly (U.P) INDIA
➢ Upadhyay S., Thangaraj K*., Gupta G. (2014), “REVIEW OF GENETIC ADMIXTURE & SHARED CONSERVATION OF TRIBAL POPULATION IN LADAKH” XVI annual conference of the international academy of physical science on “Physical sciences and technology for the sustainable development.” March 20- 22, 2014 organized by IIITDM, Jabalpur, INDIA.
➢ Maurya S., Gupta G.*, (2013). “INVIVO CLONING FOR PRODUCTION OF BODY ORGANS.” Golden Jubilee year 2013, a national seminar on “Consumerism and socio-economic development in INDIA.” 9th November 2013. Organized by SSPG College, Shahjahanpur, INDIA.
➢ GUPTA G.* Jain P., Gupta s., Gupta r., Upadhyay s., (2013). SOME EXTINCT ANIMAL SPECIES WHICH ARE TO BE CLONED. National level conference on “NANOSCIENCE AND BIOTECHNOLOGY: PRESENT AND FUTURE PERSPECTIVES” 20th April 2013 org. by life science foundation, INDIA.
➢ Gupta G.*, Sharma P., Upadhyay S. “PHARMACOGENOMICS AND FUTURE DNA VACCINE”. National conference on “Comparative analysis between conventional & current research trends in pharmacy” on 16th September 2012, Invertis University, Bareilly.
➢ Participation in a seminar on “Global Advances and issues in Biosciences” presented by Dr. Poonam Singh Nigam from the University of Ulster, the UK organized by Nodnat Educational Service on 30th March 2012 at Invertis University, Bareilly.



➢ Best oral presentation award at the national conference, on the topic “INVIVO
➢ First prize at “LAKHYA13- THE ACADEMIC FEST” Held at Invertis University, Bareilly
(U.P) INDIA, in the technical poster presentation.
➢ Second prize at “LAKHYA12- THE ACADEMIC FEST” Held at Invertis University, Bareilly
(U.P) INDIA, in technical poster presentation.
➢ First prize at “TECHMANIA- 2011” a national event held at RBMI, Bareilly, INDIA
(Oct 20-22, 2011).
➢ Qualified NCC (National Cadet Corps) ‘B’ certificate with ‘C’ grade held in 2010 under
The authority of the Ministry of Defense, Government of India.
➢ Qualified NCC (National Cadet Corps) ‘C’ certificate with ‘B’ grade held in 2011 under
The authority of the Ministry of Defense, Government of India.
➢ First prize on the inter-college tournament in basketball held in Sitapur (U.P) INDIA,
➢ Second prize on the district level basketball tournament held in Sitapur (U.P)
INDIA, 2011.
➢ Third prize in the basketball tournament, organized by Annapurna Seva Sansthan (U.P)
INDIA 2010.